How to Turn on OnePlus 6 Without Power Button

In this post we will share with you How to Turn on OnePlus 6 Without Power Button. If You looking for the solution about it you have come to a right place.

OnePlus 6 is a very old device. Phone lunch on May 2, 2018. For many people OnePlus 6 power button is not working properly. If you have the same power button issue and can’t turn off the phone and you don’t want to waste battery then read full article carefully.

How to Turn on OnePlus 6 Without Power Button

The ‘Power’ button is the physical button on your OnePlus phone that offers you various actions to perform. You can use this ‘Power’ button to turn your OnePlus phone on and off. It is very easy to turn on / off your device by pressing the ‘Power’ button on the phone. But if for some reason the power button does not respond or does not work, you can try to turn on / off your device without the ‘power’ button.

But before you can solve the ‘Power’ button problem or go to the solutions mentioned here, you should first battery your phone. If your phone runs out of battery, you can’t turn on your phone with the ‘Power’ button. But if the battery dies, it’s not a ‘power’ button problem. In this case you need to charge your phone to turn on your phone with the ‘Power’ button.

If your phone is charged enough to open but you still can’t turn it on with the ‘Power’ button, there may be some issues with the physical ‘Power’ button on your OnePlus phone. You can take your phone to the mobile service center to repair the power button. However, it is also possible to turn on your phone without the ‘Power’ button. Let’s go for a solution.

Method 1: Turn ON or restart your OnePlus 6 phone using computer

Step 1: Press and hold Volume Down button for a few seconds and hold

Step 2: Connect your OnePlus phone to the computer via USB cable

Step 3: Hold the ‘Volume Down’ button on your phone until your phone boots in ‘Download Mode’

Step 4: Once done, press Volume Rocker to cancel the operation

Step 5: Once the operation is canceled, your OnePlus phone will restart as normal.

Method 2: Use ADB commands in Windows computer to turn ON or restart OnePlus phone

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands suggest restarting or restarting your OnePlus phone while connected to the computer. To use ABD commands, you should make sure that your phone has USB debugging feature enabled.

Step 1: Open your browser on Windows computer and download Android Studio and SDK tool from its official developer site and then install it

Step 2: Once installed, open the folder in which you installed ADB, right-click inside the folder and select ‘Open Command Prompt Here’ or ‘Open PowerShell Here’.

Step 3: Connect your OnePlus phone to the computer using USB cable and make sure the phone is in ‘file transfer mode’ instead of ‘just charging’.

Step 4: Now, type the command ‘adb devices’ at the command prompt. It will show the name and ID of your device. Note this.

Step 5: Now, type the command ‘adb –s <device ID> reboot’. Replace ‘Device ID’ with your device ID that you noted. You can simply type ‘adb reboot’. This will restart your device.

Method 3: Restart your phone from Boot Menu

The boot menu is also called recovery mode on Android phones. This feature can be used to restart or restart your device without the power button.

Step 1: Press key combination like Home + Volume Up + Volume Down, Home + Power Button, Home + Power + Volume Down etc. This key adjustment may vary according to the device model. That way, you can enter recovery mode on the phone

Step 2: Now, using the ‘Volume’ up or down button phone, navigate to ‘Reboot System Now’ and select it. This will restart your device without any problems.

Method 4: Try Gravity Screen App to turn ON your phone without power button

The Gravity Screen app is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android. This app offers that you can use your phone’s sensors to detect whenever you pick it up. Once you pick it up, your device will turn on automatically.

Method 5: Try ‘Power button to Volume Button’ app

To turn on your device without the power button, you can replace the power button action with another button, such as the volume button. You can try using the ‘Volume Power’ app for this. This app is available for free on Google Play Store. You can use this app to boot the volume button on the phone or configure it to turn it on / off.

Method 6: Remap the power button to another physical button

You can try to solve the problem by remapping the power button on another physical button like the volume button. If you do this, you can turn on your phone with a button like the mapped volume up button.

Step 1: Follow ‘Step 1’ of ‘Method 3’ to enter your phone into recovery mode

Step 2: Type ‘fastboot Continue’ command in ADB interface

Step 3: Once your device is booted, type ‘adb pull /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl’ command to drag key layout settings

Step 4: Now in ‘Generic.kl’, search for ‘VOLUME_UP’ or ‘VOLUME_DOWN’ and replace it with ‘POWER’. And then push the key layout settings again to the ‘adb push Generic.kl /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl’ line.


So, we Shared with you the perfect way to turn on OnePlus 6 Without Power Button. I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget to live a comment section.

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